How to design a brochure by Nigel French

Brochure Design

Learn to design a professional brochure online (paid tutorials) from Nigel French at is the best place to learn everything in design, be it a brochure, magazine or you want to learn how to make a logo, learning web designing. Anything related to graphic / web design is here with Lynda.

brochure pic

“Brochures are essential marketing tools, which establish brands and keep them competitive in the marketplace. Designer and educator Nigel French taps into his 15 years of professional experience to create a course that demonstrates how Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop CS4 can integrate to create dynamic brochures. Nigel teaches techniques for creating different kinds of brochures—some obvious, others unexpected. Designing a Brochure covers more than the mechanics of the workflow. It also explores the creative process, giving designers options for producing brochures that are both stylish and cost-effective. Exercise files accompany the course.”

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