Are You Creative ??? Join our Team to Create More

Creative People Required

Do you see things as other don’t ?

Do you believe in creating rather than copying ?

Can you imagine a whole story on a sheet of paper ?

Can you work to perfection ?

Can you proudly call yourself a Creative Person ?

Creative People Required

Career for Creative People


Hi !!!

If creative is bubbling inside you, you feel you can do somehing with a piece of paper, with a pencil or something on computer, something unique with camera so what if it is just a mobile camera, if you can play with words, and you feel you can write a simple line into a interesting and memorable phrase.

hey Graphic Designers, Web guys, Artists, Writers you all are welcome, no matter what experience you have … it is just that you feel yourself creative at our design studio in Zirakpur, Mohali.

We are not expecting you to be super-human :) but we are seeking our future team mates to work with us. We are a design studio working for clients in national and international market. If you have any talent related to Art, Photography, Writing, Painting, Sketching, Blogging, Web Design or graphic designer, just meet us, let’s have a cup of coffee togather and lets see can be done.

You can also email your resumes or your favorite work mentioning the position you feel you can fit.

bye bye

see you soon :)

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